Toxic Recordings is owned by Robert Slump. A multi-instrumentalist, audio engineer and composer. In need of epic music for your movie, commercial or animation? Do you need sound effects fully engineered and in place for your commercial or animation? Need a soundlogo? A full and rich mix for your band? Toxic Recordings will do all of the above and more.


Sound design

Companies and people are often in need of sound design when it comes to promotional material. A commercial or infomercial really needs sound effects placed in the right order and place, and needs to match with what you see. Toxic Recordings has worked with companies like Philips, CPS, Carglass, Micro Incasso, AaijMotion, and many, many more. Toxic Recordings has a huge library of samples, effects and instruments to get that job done. So be it for editing, placement of samples and effects, or a soundlogo … we can do just that.

Music composition

Audio, especially music, is easily the most powerful way to reach, move and entertain people.

Toxic Recording can provide just the sound and music you need for your project. Toxic Recordings will compose any kind of music, for any kind of genre. Be it for your (promotional) film, a web/tv /radio commercial, a game, your band, or perhaps a animation serie. Be it a smooth classical piece with lush piano and strings for a moving movie moment, be it a techno like dance song for your commercial, or maybe straight out rock theme music for a action game? Anything goes here and Toxic Recordings is open for all genres and beyond. We also offer many stock loops and scores for your needs.

Voice over

Toxic Recordings also offers voice over work for your commercials, documentaries, companie promos and your cartoons/animation series. Using the finest gear to achieve a great and pleasant sound to go along with the pace and atmosphere of your work.


Toxic Recordings also focuses on bands and the need for a audio engineer when it comes to recording, editing and mixing and/or mastering a album of a band. One of the most important and crucial stages of a project is to shape the recorded tracks into a cohesive mix. Toxic Recordings really comes through with the mixes, and more importantly, the mixes YOU desire. Be it a solid rock song, pumping pop music or just straight out metal, Rob will see to it that your songs and album will get the professional care and treatment it deserves, And sculpted to you or your bands liking, nothing less.





Recording System

  • Yamaha N12 Digital Mixer
  • Nektar Panorama 4
  • RME FireFace 400


  • ESI
  • K240 MKII
  • ADAM A5X


  • Kemper Profiling Amp
  • Mesa Boogie Studio Pre-amp
  • ENGL 530 pre-amp
  • POD XT
  • POD HD pro
  • Peavey Classic 60/60
  • Marshall 8100
  • Peavey Windsor
  • Other sources as per need


  • Radial X-amp
  • Koch Loadboxes
  • Ibanez TS
  • Digitech black 13
  • EBS multidrive
  • Dual Resistifier


  • Marshall 4x12 (V30/G12H)
  • Harley Benton 2x12 (V30)
  • Other sources as per need


  • Shure SM57
  • Shure SM58
  • Studio Projects B1
  • Cascade Fathead
  • Many more

Software and others

  • Steinberg Cubase 6
  • Project SAM Orchestral Essentials
  • Project SAM Symphobia 2
  • East West Orchestra Choirs
  • East West Orchestra Gold
  • Toontrack superior drummer 1
  • Toontrack superior drummer 2.0
  • Toontrack EZ drummer (with expansions)
  • Toontrack Metal Machine expansion
  • Little Labs Redeye DI box
  • Quantum Leap Goliath.
  • And much, much more..



Robert Slump

Please contact toxic recordings for prices. Quotes are given on a per-project basis.